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If you think that intruders use other entry points to gain access to your home, think again. One of the easier ways to enter a home is through your doors. What makes it easy for criminals to perform these type of break-ins is the fact that many door jambs are inferior and “bare”, making them more likely to fail.

Ensuring Your Home’s Security

Over 80 percent of home invasions are caused by inefficient door casings, making it easy for jamb failures. What allows these jambs to fail is due to construction flaws, and inferior materials used in manufacturing them, making it possible for doors to be kicked in.

With inferior and barely reinforced door jambs, you can only imagine the threat that you and your family are exposed to. Because most individuals are unaware of this fact, people unwittingly serve an invitation to forcible entries into your home.

If only for the complete safety, protection, and privacy of your family and property, you should consider investing in some form of home security device or system.

One of the least expensive, yet effective devices one can consider is called the Jamb Enforcer. This device is a 14-gauge ASTM, A-36, powder-coated steel mechanism that stabilizes the reinforcement of your door jamb. It prevents any form of forced entry to any door, making your home and family completely safe and secure at all times.

How does the Jamb Enforcer Work

Once the device is installed, it immediately strengthens the door jambs’ composite materials. Its fasteners attach themselves to the door jamb, anchoring it securely to the framing studs. As the device is put into place, it creates an effective latching mechanism for closure.

This home security device can be installed within a few minutes over the existing door jamb. It turns any wood casing into a veritable steel frame, consequently tripling its overall strength. This makes it virtually impossible for anyone to kick-in the door and successfully break-in. The Jamb Enforcer can withstand at least 300 pounds of force.


Benefits of Using A Home Security Device – the Jamb Enforcer

1. With the installation of the Jamb Enforcer, jamb failure becomes practically non-existent.

2. Since the device is made from galvanized, powder-coated steel, they ensure superb quality that will make them withstand extreme weather conditions.

3. Surfaces can be painted to perfectly match the door.

4. This unique jamb reinforcing device has the capacity to repair broken door jambs. If you already have damaged jambs, this home security device is recommended for use since it can effectively hold together any damaged portion of the jamb as it is put in place.

5. For homeowners on tight budgets, it is the best choice that makes sense due to its affordability, compared to other door jamb armor products.

Even if you think that you have superb door armor, it is strongly advised that you still install this device as it can reinforce what you have, many times over. As soon as you properly install the Jamb Enforcer you are assured of 100 percent protection against intruders and other criminal elements.

No one likes to think their home is not secure. But if you want to make your home as secure as possible, consider the Jamb Enforcer. For the price, it’s the best device when it comes to preventing forcible entries and break-ins.

To see how the jamb enforcer is installed watch the video below:

To find out how you can get the Jamb Enforcer, or how to install it yourself, give us a call.  We’d be happy to show you how to secure your home.  (773) 767-5397