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Illinois has joined the growing list of States that have legalized marijuana for recreational use. As with the four States, and the District of Columbia, which have already given the legislative nod to recreational marijuana sales, Illinois legislators have written into the legislation stringent cannabis security conditions that must be adhered to by the 33 licensed dispensaries slated to open on January 1, 2020.

Building a Security Plan for Dispensary Security

image of a variety of cannabis in a legal dispensary shop

Keyway Lock & Security can help you set up a multi-level security system to ensure your cannabis dispensary operates smoothly while preventing break-ins and theft of your valuable inventory.

Illinois legislators created comprehensive security requirements for cannabis dispensaries, which can be found in the enabling legislation under Section 1290.410 (a), which unambiguously States that “a dispensing organization shall implement security measures to deter and prevent entry into and theft of cannabis or currency.”

The three broad areas of concern for marijuana dispensary security issues include:

  • Perimeter Security
  • Interior Security
  • High-Security Locks and Access Control

Let’s explore the details of each of these areas of concern while deciding which of these security measures you should discuss with a licensed locksmith service for your cannabis dispensary in Illinois and the Chicago region.

A Three-Pronged Approach to Cannabis Dispensary Security

As outlined, developing a security plan for dispensary security is a critical component of ensuring the protection of employees, customers, inventory, and the physical premises. Working from the outside and working inside, let’s establish the basic factors needed to comprise an interlocking perimeter security cordon.

Perimeter Security and Peace of Mind

Photo of CCTV security cameras

We can install a video surveillance system inside and outside your dispensary so you can keep an eye on your shop interior and perimeter 24-hours a day.

No one wants to be caught unawares whilst sitting on potentially hundreds of pounds of marijuana and thousands of dollars in cash. Forewarned is forearmed and in the battle to secure your cannabis security that begins with installing a video surveillance system to keep tabs on the comings and goings in the nearby vicinity of the shop.

Additionally, signage warning against usage on the premises, loitering, or vandalism will encourage the continued movement of clients and customers, so any people lurking about in the shadows or hanging out in the parking lot will be readily noticeable to mandated security staff.

More than a recommendation, this is directly addressed in the recreational marijuana enabling law. Specifically, Section 1290.410 (c) (2-3) stipulates the following:

“The Dispensing organization is to prevent individuals from remaining on the premises if they are not engaging in activity permitted by the Act,” and “Develop a policy that addresses the maximum capacity and customer flow in waiting room and buying areas.”

Interior Security and Creating a High Tech Gauntlet

Once inside the building, video surveillance and bulletproof glass continue from the perimeter defense as additional layers of high tech security are applied throughout the premises. This is how to secure your Illinois cannabis dispensary inside and out.

Interior security is assured through the efficient movement of customers through a series of access key-controlled areas, continued video surveillance, a man trap vestibule, secured Wi-Fi servers. Additionally, the legislation requires that dispensaries secure their inventory through the use of a secure container for marijuana. Using a safe for cannabis will keep your stocks secure and safe in such an environment.

Beyond having a safe for weed, you will also need to protect your cash, and the new law mandates that cannabis dispensaries must arrange to have a cash pick-up service in place to guarantee the safe delivery of such funds in a way that is safe for marijuana dispensary employees.

High Tech Equipment for Cannabis Security

We can install a door buzzer entry system for your commercial property

A door buzzer system like this one is a great way to control who enters your dispensary.

As part of the blueprint for guaranteeing a successful security plan for dispensary security, we noted the need to control crowd gatherings and activities on the perimeter while funneling customers and clients as they move through the premises making their purchases.

At all times this movement is directed not only through the efforts of personal security, but is also buttressed with high-security locks, alarms, access control points, door buzzer systems, and backed up by Grade 1 hardware that is difficult to defeat.

Furthermore, should something go down while employees are in the building, panic button installation at strategic points throughout the building will elicit an immediate police response will an arrival time estimates of approximately two to three minutes.

Clearly, the legalization of recreational marijuana in Illinois is recognition of the benign nature of the drug, but its ready availability at a known location is bound to excite the interests of malignant actors hoping to cash in on that available supply. With an array of interlocking security measures, however, you don’t have to worry about how to secure your Illinois cannabis dispensary inside and out from such bad actors.

Professional Security Enhancements for a Cannabis Dispensary

When it comes to developing your security plan for your dispensary security, you’re going to have questions and will likely need to consult a local full-service locksmith service, and here at Keyway Lock and Security we have the answers you need. More importantly, we are a licensed Chicago locksmith with two local offices and a mobile locksmith service so we can come to you. We have the equipment, inventory, and expertise to ensure that your security system setup is done properly so as to assure that you are operating within full compliance with the law regarding security for a cannabis dispensary.