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What is the Best Safe for Storing Marijuana?

When it comes to protecting your assets when running a medical marijuana dispensary, you need a highly secure area. You need a safe with vault doors specifically designed for a cannabis dispensary that complies with Illinois pot laws.

The best safe to store cannabis is a lot different than an ordinary safe. When storing marijuana, the product has to be kept secure and safe from theft. It is also necessary to monitor who is entering the safe. If you are looking for the best safes designed for medical marijuana dispensaries, then there are some very specific qualities your new safe needs to have.

AMSEC PSE38 pharmacy safe interior

This AMSEC PSE38 has adjustable shelves and drawers for all your dispensary products.

Shelving for Organizing Your Cannabis Inventory

The organization of your dispensary is invaluable. You need to be able to keep your product organized and this is made possible by shelving for your safe. The shelving is perfect for rows of product and maximum space efficiency within the safe. We offer steel shelves which allow us to increase the capacity of your safe to the fullest. Flanges can be added to the metal shelves allowing you to add names and product descriptions for even better organization.

Thick Steel to Protect Your Pot

Many safes on the market are made of thin steel that can be vulnerable to break-ins. When you’re storing a highly sought after product like marijuana, you need a safe made of thick steel. This makes it impossible for someone to smash and grab. Your product will be safely stored inside the safe. Don’t make the mistake of using a safe made of thin steel that can be opened with tools such as axes, crowbars and sledgehammers.

Audit Trail Locks

Because it’s important to keep track of who’s entering the safe and when they are entering, you need a safe with audit trail locks. You can even have the option with audit trail locks to set lock-out times for all employees or users. Your safe can also be equipped with a silent alarm for a fast police response if breached. The safe can also be programmed to allow several different users at a time. Audit trail locks are ideal if you have several different employees accessing the safe on a daily basis.

Customizable Sizing

When it comes to a safe for a cannabis dispensary, not all safes are equal. If you run a large dispensary, you might need a large safe that can accommodate a large amount of product and employees who are entering the safe. But, if your operation is on a smaller scale, then you might need a smaller safe. Sizing is customizable and we’ll ensure your safe fits the needs of your dispensary.

Odor Control For Your Marijuana Stock

Our safes can be equipped for all types of weather. We can add vault door seals on your safe for temperature and humidity control and also odor. The gasket design will trap all odor and keep it inside the safe. Controlling the amount of humidity within the safe will help to keep you cannabis fresher longer. Depending on the location of your dispensary, you may need a dehumidifier or humidifier based on your needs.

Safe Locks

Safe locks, such as Kaba Mas, are ideal for protecting valuables such as cannabis and cash. These locks are extremely secure and are designed to protect your valuables from unauthorized access. Safe locks are used in a variety of settings, including governmental, business, banking, transit and personal security. Our professionals take pride in working with such reputable brands as Kaba Mas and we can install your safe locks to ensure the security of your valuables.

Drop Slot for Cash

front of an AMSEC MM28203 Drop E15 safe

the AMSEC MM28203 Drop E15 safe is an excellent choice for keeping all your cash safe.

We can add to your safe a drop slot for cash. The location of the slot will depend on the size and location of your safe. It is designed to give employees a quick and secure place to store cash. It will also prevent theft because it is impossible to fish out the cash once it has been dropped in the slot. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your cash is protected from theft.

Secret Compartments

We can add a secret compartment to your safe so you can store your valuable product where it is out of sight. If you’re held up at gunpoint, you will likely open the safe. While you’ll end up surrendering some of your product, you don’t have to give away what the thief can’t see. The secret compartment can be placed in a location that works best with the size of your safe and the options you’ve chosen for your safe.

What is the Best Safe for Storing Cash?

The operation of a medical marijuana dispensary means that you need a secure way to store your cash. Keyway Lock & Security can install a separate smaller safe within the main safe that’s ideal for keeping cash and other valuables. This option is great for objects that need twice the security of valuables stored in the main safe. The smaller safe within the main safe is ideal especially if you plan to store your safe in an office or at the storefront.

Keyway’s Security Experts Provide Superior Service for Your Marijuana Dispensary

No matter if you need a safe to store cannabis or a fire safe, you can count on Keyway Lock & Security for superior locksmith service in Chicago. Our locksmiths have the tools and experience necessary to take care of your commercial security needs and keep your business safe and secure. Keyway Lock & Security is a licensed Chicago locksmith with two physical locations and a mobile service. If you need a safe for your medical marijuana dispensary that complies with Illinois pot laws and will keep your product secure, then you need to call Keyway Locks & Security. We understand the laws and will ensure you are in compliance when it comes to storing your product. Give us a call today.