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Learn About Our Top 5 Favorite Commercial Door Locks

As a commercial locksmith company in Chicago, Illinois, we here at Keyway Lock and Security have installed, repaired, and replaced various types of Grade 1 commercial locks over the years. With stricter building code enforcement, fire code easy egress requirements, and ADA federal compliances, not all standalone lock brands will pass inspection.

But the good news is that there are a number of reliable brands that have stood the test of time because they continue to meet all the stringent lock hardware restrictions and pass inspector scrutiny.

These five Grade 1 commercial locks meet all code compliances, surpass ADA federal requirements, and continue to out-perform competitor brands:

  1. Alarm Lock Trilogy® DL2700
  2. Alarm Lock Trilogy® DL3500
  3. Kaba L1000
  4. Marks I-Qwik
  5. Schlage® NDE

Below we have listed and highlighted a few of the essential benefits and features each brand offers. After you review the information, inspect the hardware on your office or business doors. Do any of them need updating, or meet current compliance requirements? If you are still unsure about your lock hardware or require more answers, then give us a call.

Alarm Lock Trilogy® DL2700

Alarm Lock 2700

Alarm Lock 2700

The Alarm Lock Trilogy® DL2700 is a standalone Grade 1 electronic keyless access lock. It has a vandal-proof all-metal keypad and a rugged clutch mechanism. It offers multi-level user codes, which can be 3-6 digits in length with up to 100 different user codes. The keypad is 100% programmable, which allows for individual, group, or total user lockout codes.

The Trilogy® DL2700 is perfect for indoor or outdoor installations. It requires no left or right-handing which allows for easy lock installation on either side of the door. This unit is available in weatherproof models for exterior and non-weatherproof models for interior installations. Five AA batteries operate the unit but it also has a key override in the event of a lockout.


Alarm Lock Trilogy® DL3500

Alarm Lock 3500

Alarm Lock 3500

The Alarm Lock Trilogy® DL3500 is a standalone Grade 1 high-capacity audit trail lock. Like the DL2700, it has a vandal-proof metal keypad, rugged clutch mechanism, weatherproof and non-weatherproof models, and a programmable keypad. But his model has the added feature of a keypad that can be programmed in 3 different ways: (1) at the keypad, (2) via a PC using DL Windows software and a special cable, or (3) via a DL handheld Data Transfer Module.

It offers multi-level user codes, which can be 3 to 6 digits in length with up to 2000 user codes. You can create reports on your PC and print them out using the AL-IR1 Hand-Held Printer, and audit trail logs with time and date stamps showing user access. Along with the 5 AA battery operation, you can also add a remote-release fob or desk-mounted button for access convenience.

Kaba L1000



The Kaba L1000, also known as a Simplex® lock, is a robust, heavy-duty, mechanical, access-control lock. It is used strictly on exterior doors, primarily found on solid wood, metal, or steel rear exit doors. It is compatible with most rim exit device hardware. The numeric keypad uses sold metal pushbuttons when entering the combination and is vandal resistant. It uses a single code for multi-user access.

The L1000 requires no batteries, wiring, or access control cards, thereby eliminating labor and material costs from battery replacements. It has a fire rating of 3-hours under UL/ULC fire rating for “A” labeled doors, and is weather resistant. This unit is factory-handed and is not field reversible, so left or right- handing must be specified when ordering.

Marks I-Qwik

Marks I-Qwik

Marks I-Qwik

Marks I-Qwik locks come in three distinct Lite Electronic Access Control versions. Two models are for cylindrical and mortise locksets and a third version is strictly for rim exit device interfacing. It uses an adapter plate when retrofitting an existing push bar to the unit. With the standard ANSI door prep, an additional hole will get drilled for installation.

The I-Qwik cylindrical lockset and rim exit devices are not left or right-handed. The mortise lockset version is field reversible, and that feature eliminates special factory ordering. The keypad is programmable with up to 160 user codes and only uses 4 AA batteries. As a precautionary measure, I-Qwik locks use CableGard™ to protect wires for easy installation.

Schlage® NDE

Schlage NDE Wireless

Schlage NDE Wireless

The Schlage® NDE wireless cylindrical lock with ENGAGE™ technology combines several high-tech features into one commercial-grade door lock. It’s a durable lock, a door position sensor, a credential reader, and a request-to-exit switch built all into one unit. The built-in Bluetooth® enables this wireless lock to connect directly to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

With its built-in Wi-Fi, the Schlage® NDE locks will connect to an existing Wi-Fi network. You can automate updating, view audits, and alerts from virtually anywhere. The ENGAGE™ cloud-based web and mobile apps, allows the user to configure lock updates, hardware settings while adding or deleting users securely.

Where can these locks be installed?

These five Grade 1 standalone locks can be installed on various commercial building types. Commercial locksmiths in Chicago, such as Keyway Lock and Security, can install them in office complexes, government buildings, hospitals, school campuses, law enforcement stations, and in some instances, congressional headquarters.

Where can you buy these commercial locks?

To the best of our knowledge, local home improvement centers do not offer these high-end units in their stores. These and other Grade 1 locks are available for purchase through Keyway Lock and Security. Each lock provides you convenience, security, quality, and a warranty.

The easiest way to check out these locks in action is to stop by one of our locations. We have the devices in stock. Our friendly staff will demonstrate how each lock operates, answer any questions, and provide you with additional information.

If you don’t have time to stop in, that’s okay. Give us a call or email us. Our technicians are here to assist you anytime!

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