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Reducing the number of keys to one

Reducing the Number of Keys to One

Reducing the Number of Keys to One

Reducing the number of keys to oneOver time you may have replaced door knobs and deadbolts throughout your home or office resulting in your carrying multiple keys to different locks.

You are not alone, if you thought it normal to carry a number of keys on your key ring.  But it doesn’ t have to be that way.

If you find yourself carrying more than one key to you door locks, there is a solution. Reduce all your keys to one!  You can actually do it yourself, which takes about 10-15 minutes, however the best way to get the work done, and do it properly, is to hire a licensed locksmith.

At  Keyway Lock & Security, we are licensed Chicago locksmiths who will quote you a price over the phone before we come out to do any work. Our price is based on the number of keyed locks installed typically consisting of door knobs and deadbolts. In most cases simply re-keying your locks to match-up to one key can be as inexpensive as $69.95 plus tax.

Once on site, if it is determined that your locks are from different manufacturers and therefore not compatible to a single key solution, we will quote a cost-effective solution before we do any work. This may entail changing out the least number of incompatible locks so that all locks will match-up to a single key solution.

Call Keyway Lock & Security at: 773.767.5397, and we will lighten your key chain by reducing the number of keys you carry to one single key!

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